For many, many years Northern Ohio has been called a “Melting Pot”, full of the rich traditions and lore of its peoples that have traveled here from beyond the seas and our shores. The ethnic diversity of the region is one of great pride for those who have come from Europe, Asia, Africa and all points of the compass. It is with these great traditions in mind that we announce this newest organization which will reach out to those that have brought their history here to us.

Many people have been saying that they would like to see a Celtic Club here in Northern Ohio, and so we are pleased and proud to announce the launch of a new organization; the Celtic Nations Society of Northern Ohio. The Society has been formed to give recognition to the history and heritage of the Seven Celtic Nations; Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales, and to provide a social & educational organization for its Membership.

Founded as a social organization the Society will bring focus to the Heritage, History, Music and Customs of all of the Celtic Nations.

Membership is open to all citizens, descendants or those simply interested in the cultures of the Celtic Nations!